Hello Again


Hello-AgainHello Again: A Love Story Through Time

Coming Late 2021

Consistent with his focus on matters political and theological, Hello Again deals with conflict around its periphery that one can best describe as religious convictions at the most personal level. Hello Again is an echo of the past, inspired by actual events, about love and loss experienced. It’s a poignant tale covering the better part of a lifetime—one with some remorse, perhaps even some guilt, commingled within the pleasures and privilege of loving, and being loved. It begs that ever-present question about human experience for which so often there is no satisfactory, peace giving answer: “Why?”


More than a love story, it’s as well a story about life and life’s surprises!

A touching tale of the possible though highly improbable taking place in life—the “what if?” Inspired by actual events, Hello Again demonstrates the significance of motivation in whatever you attempt: success versus failure often hinges on desire versus resolve. Both considerations powerful influences in their impact on human intentions, actions and outcomes.


They’d been high school sweethearts who continued their romance through his years in
college and hers as an airline stewardess. Immediately after college, he was commissioned a 2nd
lieutenant in the Marines with orders out-of-state. Six months hence they were scheduled to
wed. But an abrupt unscheduled trip home two months after he left for the service resulted in all
plans being called off. He returned to Washington, never to see her again. With the passing of
years her persona became a fading, but never a totally extinguished, memory.

The long and short of it is he had in his youth found her, loved her dearly and yet lost her
(the magic of first love is our ignorance that it can ever end). Now, all these years later, did he
have any justification for trying to find her again? He thought he just might. And so began his
search for his “special memory.”


Comments and reactions from reviewers of Hello Again

“Hello Again is heartwarming and relatable, and a wholly unique romantic portrait.”
SPR Classic Review
“The author draws the reader into the story with every word. His writing style is engaging, personable, and oh so romantic, as the plot unfolds with the inclusion of love letters, poems, songs, personal essays and correspondence between the two lovers that entice and enchant.”
Reader Views
“Perfect for those looking for what feels like a cross between human interest and romance, with a touch of philosophy and theology thrown in. The characters are complex and very human, the perspective is enjoyable, and the pacing is consistent with a story that is all about enjoying life, love, and all both have to offer.”
The Book review Directory
“Most readers will find this a story about hope and love, and it is. It is also a story about patience. Sometimes events happen for a reason and it is not up to us to understand why. This is one of the premises of this contemporary Christian romance.”
Entrada Publishing Book Review