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Thomas Richard Harry writes with particular emphasis on matters political and, of late, theological. Here you will find details on “TR’s” two most recent works; his new theological “thriller” God Versus the Idea of God and his 2012 forward thinking political work, BOOM, A Revolting Situation. Both have received high marks from readers and reviewers.

The author writes to and for a broad audience. Both works being of the nature/genre they are, they’re controversial. You might think of TR as a kind of literary pugilist. You may or may not always agree with his theological or political viewpoints, observations and conclusions, but you will undoubtedly be drawn into the subject matter he writes about. Why? Because it’s about what most of us experience, consider, and live with in our everyday lives.

His new book, God Versus the Idea of God, is about that pernicious, nerve-wracking emotion, “doubt”—in this case personal religious doubt, or skepticism—affecting our religious inclination; our faith, or lack thereof, in the divine. It raises that question “I wonder?” over and over. The question and the doubts many of us have and live with are not that new, but TR’s probing of the Western Christian religious traditions in light of today’s cultural understandings offer a new perspective on the broad issues we face as we try and believe. It’s not easy for a lot of us today to “keep the faith.” Just look at recent religious statistics and trends.

“Thomas Richard Harry discusses in some depth concepts such as God, faith, and religion for modern humans. Overall, this is a well-written and easy to read book that readers of all backgrounds can appreciate and enjoy.”
– Entrada Book Review
“Harry is confounded by mystery at every turn, but nevertheless he relentlessly investigates many of the cornerstone ideas of Christianity. The sum total is kind of a catechism for 21st century man . . . vis-à-vis the lives we led in everyday Western cultures.”
– Victor R. Volkman, Author Airways
“As someone who has spent a good deal of time at the crossroads of theology and philosophy I found this book very intriguing; Harry’s utilitarian breakdown of the function of religion is particularly helpful. It’s such a simple explanation, and yet it speaks volumes in terms of what we get out of participating in religious systems.”
– Kevin Miller, Documentary film producer
“I gave the book 3 out of 4 stars and would strongly recommend it to both religious and nonreligious people.”
– OnlineBookClub.org
“Harry intrepidly confronts the deepest and most historically recalcitrant questions and impressively attempts to balance a skeptical epistemology with a profound respect for the significance of religion. In focusing on the subjective prominence of the idea of God, as opposed to metaphysical confirmation of God’s existence, the author even manages to make this study germane to atheists:”
– Kirkus Reviews
”Harry’s voice flows as if having a conversation with the reader. It’s like speaking to a friend who is sharing his deep questions and thoughts on the God topic. . . . I found God Versus The Idea of God to be the perfect tool to guide readers into their own spiritual journey and quest for answers to their big questions.”
– Readers Choice

The political book, BOOM! A Revolting Situation, explores the mess we call politics and invites us to take a good hard look at how we choose those we want to govern us; what we expect, or should expect, from government. It provides a yardstick as to how we can judge when the government and, most importantly the people, are satisfied with the country, i.e., when there is balance in American life.

The most recent national election made much of what TR writes politically too close to reality to be dismissed. Unfortunately, most would no doubt agree that the results we’re now witnessing have not produced what TR had in mind. Why not? Well, that’s a topic for a further book. It might have had something to do with the range of choices the American electorate was faced with. We deserve better. Whether we will get that or not, is still to be determined. If you are a believer in historical political cycles, it may be too late.

You may not see eye-to-eye on what TR has written, but you can’t ignore his willingness, his layman’s courage some might call it, to bring these sensitive matters to the public view.

So choose your poison now, the theological or political, and learn more about this well considered writer and why what he has to say may be of real interest and personal benefit to you.

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GOD VERSUS THE IDEA OF GOD is available in soft cover or
hard back editions online and through your
favorite local bookseller, nationally.


BOOM! is available in soft cover or hard back editions online and through your favorite local bookseller, nationally.



“TR Harry is like the friendly 'prof' who turns classes into light but memorable learning experiences. That’s pretty much the way he writes. In BOOM! (his 3rd book) his theme is political choice, and how to infuse 21st century US party politics with classical utilitarian values such as to loosen government’s shackles of polarizing ideology. TR’s arguments favoring an Independent voter platform as a viable option for the land we love will ring convincingly for readers across the political spectrum.”
-Serena Howlett, JD, MPH

“Thomas Harry has a knack for taking a seemingly difficult to understand situation and turning it into a story made easy to follow and understand. Harry offers a simple assessment of what the system has become and how our society has reacted to its shift from getting on with governing to simply getting elected. Thomas Richard Harry’s book should be required reading for anyone currently in public office, anyone intending to run for office, and everyone registered to vote, regardless of their politics.”
-Reader Views