The Singer or the Song?

The American Family Gazette

Volume I.  Issue 0902


One of the enduring features of the senior pasture of our church is his sense of humor. He blends this characteristic in nicely with both the seriousness and, at times, the solemn nature of his calling such that it causes the messages he imparts to his congregation each Sunday to seem, if not actually, to be less detached or unrelated to us, not only as a congregation, but individually, than many a sermon I have sat through over the years.  This does, upon reflection, raise the age old issue: is it the singer or the song he sings that is appealing.  On Sunday mornings I continue to struggle with this point.  But I know how as well as what he projects seems to make it more relevant and certainly more interesting by his manner as well as his professional commitment to his subject.

What has this got to do with Independent politics? To me—and obviously to others in this instance—how the message is delivered seems as important as the message itself in getting it across; in making your point; in developing your argument and establishing your position.  In effect, it is both the singer as well as the song that is important. And I must confess, if it is songs we literally are talking about, you surely don’t want me trying to sing them!  In the shower or out, I can’t carry a tune in a preverbal bushel basket!  

Fortunately, we are talking here of an approach to governing, and in this case, I do claim some ability to deliver the “song.” How well is a matter for you to decide.  But, stay with me; this is going to take a few sessions. We’ve developed an approach to this subject of governing in “The Gathering of the Clan.”  If it was done correctly, there should be little need for me (or anyone else) to have to further explain, or justify, the approach therein.  Still, it is not “self-evident.” But as I suggested at the start here—Blog 0901— many of you reading this will not have read the book . . . yet. So my arguments, conclusions and recommendations regarding this “approach to governing” will surely raise questions, perhaps objections, certainly challenges and hopefully inspire helpful suggestions.  Nothing I have written is the result of revelation, so to speak.  So it is all subject to the tests of truth:  verification or falsehood, or as often stated, “conformity with fact or reality (experience).” Such challenges are not only welcome, they are invited, when they represent an attack on “truth”, as I have described it here. 

 My arguments and conclusions regarding an Independent  approach to governing presented in the book are the result of observation, reasonable (in my view) analysis and a fair bit of synthesizing (to form by combining) they have considered what many writing on this topic have had to say about it. In the end, they are, of course, my conclusions.  This was highlighted in one reviewer’s comment that this was the world according to TR Harry. And in that sense, he’s right. This is, in the end, an opinion piece. But upon reflection, it may well represent a lot of other peoples’ opinions too. That makes it a potential for change!




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“TR Harry is like the friendly 'prof' who turns classes into light but memorable learning experiences. That’s pretty much the way he writes. In BOOM! (his 3rd book) his theme is political choice, and how to infuse 21st century US party politics with classical utilitarian values such as to loosen government’s shackles of polarizing ideology. TR’s arguments favoring an Independent voter platform as a viable option for the land we love will ring convincingly for readers across the political spectrum.”
-Serena Howlett, JD, MPH

“Thomas Harry has a knack for taking a seemingly difficult to understand situation and turning it into a story made easy to follow and understand. Harry offers a simple assessment of what the system has become and how our society has reacted to its shift from getting on with governing to simply getting elected. Thomas Richard Harry’s book should be required reading for anyone currently in public office, anyone intending to run for office, and everyone registered to vote, regardless of their politics.”
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