Welcome to the website of Thomas Richard Harry, private political commentator and author of BOOM! A Revolting Situation . . . The failure of ideological politics, the disappointment of ideological government.

BOOM! is an exposé of the irreconcilable conflict imbedded in our ideological politics, the result of the historical—and on-going—objectives of our two major political parties. It addresses the frustrations of Americans with the results of government today, no matter which party is at the helm, and deflates the concept of bipartisanship: a nice but impossible concept under existing political circumstances.

Many lay out the basic (rather evident) conflict, but few go beyond this to suggest there might be a practical (meaning workable within our political system) alternative to the conservative vs. liberal political spectrum voters face today. Boom! clearly and in some detail presents such an alternative. It’s neither utopian nor impossible, given the continuing loss of support of our political parties and the concurrent rise of political Independents—today a plurality of voters!

This website is also a portal to The American Family Gazette, its latest posts featured below, where the political essays, commentaries and observations of “TR” can be found. Here, as well as in his books, he highlights the significance of and champions the cause of political Independents. In TR’s words, “Independents are evidence of the dissatisfaction with the results of ideological government; they represent agents for political change.”

BOOM! is available in soft cover or hard back editions online and through your favorite local bookseller, nationally.



“TR Harry is like the friendly 'prof' who turns classes into light but memorable learning experiences. That’s pretty much the way he writes. In BOOM! (his 3rd book) his theme is political choice, and how to infuse 21st century US party politics with classical utilitarian values such as to loosen government’s shackles of polarizing ideology. TR’s arguments favoring an Independent voter platform as a viable option for the land we love will ring convincingly for readers across the political spectrum.”
-Serena Howlett, JD, MPH

“Thomas Harry has a knack for taking a seemingly difficult to understand situation and turning it into a story made easy to follow and understand. Harry offers a simple assessment of what the system has become and how our society has reacted to its shift from getting on with governing to simply getting elected. Thomas Richard Harry’s book should be required reading for anyone currently in public office, anyone intending to run for office, and everyone registered to vote, regardless of their politics.”
-Reader Views